Tuesday, July 1, 2008

857 ways to get in the water this summer

Okay, well, its really like 5. But I feel like we have been in almost every kind of water activity there is in the past 2 weeks. First we'll start with the spray grounds. If you don't know what it is, it is sheer brilliance. And the fact that a new one was built just a couple of miles from my home is icing on the cake. It is an area of a park that has all kinds of water features, spraying out water and the kids just run and play in them. Its great when you have little ones who you don't want to have to worry about drowning. Except, I found the day cares discovered my little haven. And it wasn't such a haven this week. Next is of course the public swimming pool. I'm so happy they are getting creative and making it all a whole lot more small child friendly. Lots of shallow water, etc. Then there is the baby pool and slip and slide in our backyard. When we aren't up to going anywhere, that's where you'll find us. And finally one of our friends has a metal watering trough turned swimming pool. Yes I'm serious and my kids love it.

Now, I'm pretty much summered out so bring on the fall weather, pumpkins, and sweatshirts.

A woman can dream.

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