Monday, October 8, 2007

Parties, puking, and pirates

Those 3 things were the main event at our house this past weekend. It was a fun one. The birthday boy had a great time and I made it yet another birthday without him asking to have a "friend" party. Don't get me wrong. We love our friends. But I am waiting until he asks me to invite his friends to his birthday party. Parties get much more complicated when friends come, with games, party favors and the like. And I know they'll be in the future at some point so I'll wait till then to break out the plastic party bags and rubber balls.

And it just wouldnt' be a party if someone hadn't puked. No one actually puked at the party but cousin Parker had to take the hit first on Friday. Then Rene' last night and Paige today. Its inevitible when family comes that one child gets sick and then the rest do.
And the pirate party turned into a space party at the last minute - with him telling me next year would be pirates and then the next would be Star Wars.

I'll leave you with some pics.

Thanks Uncle Chris and Aunt Lana for his first whoopie cushion.

Astronaut cupcakes
Those are guilty looks from frosting stealers.


Cristina said...

Those little girls look very innocent. :)

Kari said...

LOL with the frosting stealers hahahaha! Oh man, you've had your run in with puke these past few months haven't you?