Monday, March 3, 2008


So I've had a few posts in draft mode but I decided to delete them. One was on how I can't stand politics, or the people running for President this year. The other was just plain rambling. I know you would all be rivited by my political view and my deep thoughts. But I decided against it. I can't decide what to blog about. I have quite a few things running around in my head - most of which would stir up controversy. And really, I've had enough controversy in my life without trying to actually stir it up. So, until I can land on a subject I want to put out there - I will leave you with a link to my favorite new blog. The Pioneer Woman and The Pioneer Woman Cooks.


Stewardess said...

Bring the dramz!

Kelly said...

Love the Pioneer Woman Cooks site!
I'm making the apple dumplings tonight! Jason's picking up a small bottle of Mt. Dew on the way home from work tonight.......we've been a "Dew" free zone for quite some time now. :o)
Let me know if you're trying some of her recipes too!

And thanks! I now have some tunes on my site too! Funny thing how you just need to scroll down to the bottom of your page to see your charts and low and behold, create your own.......I finally got it.

Tricia said...

Oh come on.....why go drama free now!!! Bring it on girl!!