Friday, February 29, 2008

Vegetable Beef Soup

I decided we needed some homemade soup since our immune systems have been working overtime. So yesterday afternoon, I decided to tackle Vegetable Beef Soup. I've decided to take my cooking up another level. I need to not be so tied to a recipe. I need to try to "create". Granted, my creativity level is pretty low, but I think its something I can learn. So create I did. I'd add a dash of something, taste it, then add more. I felt like a real cook. In the end, I had a very good soup, in my opinion. So at dinner, my husband was telling me how good it was. Let me just interject a little info about my husband. His mother is an excellent cook. Therefore, he has very high standards. All too often, I don't make the mark. But this particular evening, I knew I had achieved another level when he sat shaking his head saying, "I just don't get it. It tastes just like my mom's." Now I could have been offended that he thought I would never make something that tasted as good as his mom's. But I didn't. Instead, I took the compliment.
Now, if I could only remember how I did it.


mer said...

Congrats on your soup! I rarely experiment because I can never remember what I did to make it good (or bad). I'm a stick to the recipe gal, but I admire your adverturous nature!

Hope you're all feeling better!

Tricia said...

Now you are a true cook. You know that is just how Sydney cooked and her food was always just so delicious! One time I asked her for her crisp topping recipe and she said she would have to think about. Later she gave me a piece of paper with the recipe that I am sure she had to think out and figure out a cup of this and a tsp of that. Unfortunately I rewrote it onto a nice and neat little recipe card.....oh how I just wish I had not of thrown out that lovley hand written recipe that she had wrote.

Cristina said...

I have the prob ~ remembering what I did to create it! Way to go on your soup!