Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Its war.....and I have not choice but to win.

5 minutes ago, I was in the zone where your almost asleep, you can feel it and are waiting happily for it to take you away. Paige is napping, Rene' is napping, and Zak is settled in on the couch with a Thomas the Train video. And now here I am blogging. Not my #1 choice of activity, because yes, I was anxiously awaiting the sandman. But like clockwork, when I lay down on my bed, all snuggled in, Rene' wakes up. Its like she can sense I'm next to her. So now she's playing, and my nap for today is only a dream.

The past few days have had me on my knees, praying for much wisdom. Paige is just 2 and 2 months and I believe we are in full blown "terrible twos". For those who don't have children, let me just tell you. Every child you have is different. Zak had terrible 3's and while they were annoying and draining, I wasn't completely stumped on how to handle them. With Paige its different. I can try every tactic I know, and she is still either crying, screaming, or being outright defiant. I have to say, Sunday was the worst day. She spent at least 3 hours on her bed crying (not straight, but cumulative), and Dr. Dobson would have been proud because we were very consistent, but Andy and I have never been so drained. I'm just lucky he was home to experience it and tag team with me. The tantrums are what get me. She has this ear piercing scream and you don't get a warning before it comes. It has been used from us giving the wrong sippy cup, the right sippy cup, because she didn't get to lay down where she wanted to for a diaper change, because I won't carry her around the house while I do my housework, you name it, she's mad about it. To top it all off, she is up at the CRACK of dawn. We're talking 6-630am EVERY MORNING. I peel my eyes open to her little voice at the side of my bed saying "apple juice, apple juice". The other day, I woke up at 5:30 to go to Wal Mart (sounds crazy, but I'm a morning person and like to do my shopping by myself, (except for the stockers) with a cup of coffee in hand. Anyway, I'm thinking if I hurry, I just might have a minute to myself to sit before I start the hustle of the morning, but as soon as I get all the groceries in the house - there she is. Its unreal.

So, for those who have blazed the path before me, if you have any ideas other than ignoring the tantrums, spankings, and time out. Let me know, because I've about worn out the prior three things.

On a random note, I won a case of Moms best Naturals cereal over at the Meal Makeover Moms website. It came with 6 boxes of all natural cereal and instant and quick oatmel. Thats an expensive prize! They have great healthy cooking tips and recipes. Check them out!


Cristina said...

Not that I have words of wisdom from experience...I just share this as an idea because it is the best thing I have ever done with Emma. Two books" Shepherding a Child's Heart" and "Teach Them Diligently". Both are excellent books about biblical discipline. It is more work in the beginning but in the long run there is a tremendous pay off! I have seen a huge turn around in behavior since I started using these principles.

Paula said...

Well, honey, my only advice is welcome to motherhood of a strong willed daughter. I can totally relate! I think your title hit it right on the nose - "It's war". You truly have to pick your battles because they come up like an everyday occurance and they are totally trying. Keep up the great work!