Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Humble Pie

One of the things on my "to do" list is to go to culinary school. In fact, I wish I would have done that instead of getting an accounting degree. So I put myself in the adventurous category when it comes to dinnertime. I probably should have started this when I first got married, because when you have picky eating toddlers, nothing makes the "cook again" list very often.

It started yesterday at the store when I had a weak moment. I was strolling down the cereal aisle, looking for a sale. I always steer clear of the sugar cereals. I don't want to start my children's day out with a sugar high. I have no problem starting myself off on a sugar high, but just can't bring myself to do it to my children.(Except Saturday's, thats donut day - I know exactly which ones of you are cringing at that) So the stand bys are usually Honey Nut Cheerios and Rice Chex. Well, growing up, I do remember a time or two when my mom bought Fruit Loops, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So I thought I'd buy my kids a treat box of cereal. I would only do it every so often, just to let them taste the good things in life. I settled on the large $2 box of Lucky Charms. One of my personal fav's. This morning I brought it out proudly and told the children I bought them a treat. They were as excited as I was to eat it. Within 1 minute of serving them, Zak says to me "Mom, I don't like this - it tastes funny." I came from the kitchen just knowing I had heard him completely wrong and that he was saying how much he liked it. So I said "The marshmallows are great, aren't they?". He said "No, those colored things have a funny taste. Can I just have a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios?". I was floored. What kid didn't like marshmallows in his cereal? I gave him his Honey Nut Cheerios and the Lucky Charms off to Andy. (On a normal day, I would have eaten them, but it is day 1 of my "diet" - don't laugh) Now Paige, made me proud. When I heard her say "more Mommy", it was just as I had suspected. Every marshmallow was in her mouth at one time and there was a bowl full of "the other stuff".

Your probably wondering what cooking has to do with cold cereal. We're getting there, I promise.

So tonight I'm pumped because I am cooking something called Shrimp Teriayaki Noodles. I've never cooked with shrimp before and decided it was time. Plus the recipe was super easy and healthy. We have this rule at the table. Its called the "No thank you bite". The kids have to take at least one bite of what I cook and if they don't like it, they can say "No thank you" and not eat it. I'm not cooking them anything else, but they don't have to eat it. Anyway, we are having a great conversation about shrimp and where it comes from and Zak gets one on his fork and says - okay, I'll try it. Immediately he says - "Um, no thank you". I told him I was very proud of him trying the shrimp and he didn't have to eat anymore. Then it happened........the gagging. I'm like "spit it on your plate if you don't like it - SPIT IT ON YOUR PLATE!!!!". But it was too late. Up came the shrimp and everything else he had eaten in the last few hours. I was totally and completely grossed out. He said he wasn't sick, it was just the shrimp. My excitement at my semi-ethnic meal was totally gone. And after the clean up, I couldn't stomach but one bite.

Those Lucky Charms sure tasted good. And I will have to redo day 1 of my "diet" tomorrow.


kari said...

Oh sweetie! How I can identify! Only with us, shrimp is not the problem, it's stupid things like creamed corn or turkey gravy. LOL I guess Gracie can't take Zak out on a sushi date anytime soon then, no? And hey, Saturday is Donut Day at our house too! That's why I'm so fat LOL We've gotta get the kids together and I miss you!!

Paula said...

Too funny! I have had many of these experiences - once at Taco Bell. Yeh - those are fun days indead! And at least it was day 1 on the diet and not day 15 or 16. I always have to re-do day one - hence the weight issue I have!
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

laugh, laugh, laugh! You are so great at this blogging, you really should add a web cam! -Lana :)