Thursday, July 12, 2007


So we're enjoying a nice dinner last night when my mom called. She was feeling a little spontaneous and wanted to go to a movie and wondered if I wanted to go. I don't know why she even had to ask. She knew the answer. She said we could take Zak too and see the new Disney movie Ratatouille. Andy was not hip on the idea of staying home with the girls so we made it a family affair. Within 20 minutes, we were out the door and in the movie theater. In the midst of the excitement of escaping an ordinary evening at home, I didn't quite think through what we were actually doing: taking an infant, 2 year old, - AT BEDTIME.

It starts with us chatting happily waiting for the movie to start when its long past 6:55, the start time. I look around and think to myself, "How funny that all these adults are going to a kid movie". So I run out and look and realize we are about to take our children to "License to Wed". So our entire entourage (much to the excitement of the other adults in the theater, I'm sure) pick up our children and belongings and move over a theater where we're at the tail end of the previews. No harm done there.

Andy's not happy with the seat choice, but I say the back of the theater is best. And I have to say, I was completely right. It begins with Rene's poopy diaper. I know good and well she's not going to fall asleep during the movie with a poopy diaper. I sure don't want to drag her and all the stuff to a bathroom where there might not be a changing table. So I changed a poopy diaper, in her car seat, in the dark. Wish I would have taken a pic for you of what that looked like when we got home.

Through the course of the movie, which was 2 hours long I went from every seat in the back row, to the lobby, to standing in the back. I thought for a brief moment - I probably should have stayed home with the girls - then I remembered the dinner dishes sitting on the table and the stove and thought "No, I'd definitely rather be here"

By the end of the movie, Rene' has pretty much just watched her first full length feature film at the age of 5 months, Paige is sleeping on my lap in the back row, and Zak has run up and down the back 7 rows while never taking his eyes off the screen. Despite all the distractions, we all actually enjoyed the movie. Sure beat doing those dinner dishes! Except I had to do them this morning.

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Jo said...

We had a similar experience watching Ratatouille. Except we went on July 4th and the theater was packed. Jack fell asleep during the previews and then woke up when the movie started and he wasn't happy. Matt had to take him outside for the entire thing. Sloan and I had a great time, though!