Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Red Box

Have you ever rented a movie from the Red Box at McDonalds? Thats our new favorite video store. Its only a dollar and they have new movies too. The only downfall is that its not the quickest process. So I hit the Red Box last night because we got a free movie there. It was a Friday night so there was a line. It was the first guys first time to rent from the machine and it takes a little time to figure it out. I didn't have kids with me so no big deal. I chose a spot to sit and wait. The next family moves up to rent. As the dad is renting, the mom asks me if I heard about the 10 yr old and 12 year old who kidnapped the baby. She proceeded to tell me the ENTIRE story, with the dad turning his attention from the task at hand to interject his thoughts and feelings. He finally finished, and then said, "Hey, it only gave me 2 movies, and I wanted 3." So he turns back to the machine and begins another rental. By this time, I have to say, I was slightly annoyed. I didn't want to spend the Entire evening outside of McDonalds. But I felt sorry for the lady behind me because it looked like she was just returning one, and her ride was waiting for her by the curb. The man ends his 20 minutes at the red box saying, "Oh man, I'm at my limit because Stuart hasn't returned my other movies so it won't let me get "Pandora's Box". This is just a guess, but he is probably better off by not filling his mind with entertainment called "Pandora's Box". I decide to let the woman behind me go ahead because she is just returning a video. Well, after brushing by me without even a "thank you" she shoves her DVD into the machine and is off to the truck waiting by the curb. Of course after she leaves the machine spits her DVD back out. I think to myself "She's luck I am here because I'll try it again for her." I tried 3 times and now there's a line forming behind me so I open it up and the man behind me says - "It won't take that because its a music CD". No wonder that woman ran off. She put an Enya CD back in the case, not the movie. I of course explained to the man behind me that it wasn't mine, stuck it on top of the red box and completed my transaction. If it was an honest mistake, she's going to learn a lesson after her credit card is charged $1 a day until she gets her next credit card statement. If she was trying to steal the movie she's still dumb because her credit card will be charged $1 a day until she returns it. And now she doesn't have the case.

There are a few things to learn from this story:
1. You can't steal a movie when the place you got it from has your credit card number.
2. Don't think you can just run up to McD's and rent a movie real quick
3. The dollar rental isn't worth it if its going to cost you more than a dollar.


Kari said...

Hahahaha! I wondered how easy those things were LOL We're members with the BLockbuster Access thing so we just keep trading in our movies will we don't have any more and it costs about $6 a month.

Anonymous said...

its a little thing called blockbuster online.

It is greatness.