Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We needed something else to worry about

*Update: click here to see the update

There are wildfires going on within feet of the 300 acre ranch of Andy's family. You can see from the picture the fence line.
Pray the winds don't shift and bring it on their land!
The pic is of Andy's cousin, brother, dad, and cousin's girlfriend (right to left).


Karen said...

Oh no! What a horrible week so far! I'm so sorry.

Bethany, Phillip & Nolan said...

I will be praying for his family. That is horrible!

mer said...

I could see the smoky haze over that direction yesterday. And the news channel keeps reporting that the snow has been "liquid gold" for those fires. Hope things are improving for them.

Cristina said...

Thank God for the snow last night! I was thinking about them! So sorry for all the sickness you've been dealing with. Hope your life gets back to normal soon.