Friday, November 2, 2007

They say you can freeze anything

I never wanted to be the people who stored their cereal boxes on the top of the refrigerator, but we are. Mainly because my pantry is pathetic. And also because Andy ended up at a Buy For Less one night and found out their cereal really is less and spend half our weeks grocery budget on cereal. It was a great reason to have cereal for dinner a few nights that week. As far as the cereal on the top of the refrigerator goes, I've learned a few things. First and foremost, if you don't get the box completely centered on top of the refrigerator, when you open the freezer door, many, many Honey Nut Cheerios will come crashing down on your head. (This was reminicent of my 8th grade experience when the large frozen catfish gave me a large bump on my head when it decided to escape). Now for Paige it was 2 year old snack booty flying from the sky. She was right by my side shoving in as many oh's would fit in her mouth. I did not see the humor in the situation because lets face it, when you step on those things they turn to dust and everywhere I tried to avoid stepping, I stepped on 3. It forced me to mop. I hate it when that happens.

This was a few months ago. And if you were to open my freezer any day between now and then, you would see a mound of Honey Nut Cheerios just at eye level (if your 5'2"), frozen solid. I think I looked at those every day. I can't explain to you why I didn't just get them out. I just didn't. But today, we were out of Honey Nut Cheerios and I was desperate for some breakfast for my kids. Just kidding. I threw those things away. I felt it my duty to share. I know you thank me for it.


Kari said...

Okay, that's funny because the same thing happened to us with ground coffee. I'm positive if you look hard enough in the freezer (and in the fridge, the tiny bits just kinda went everywhere) you will still find quite a few today. I just don't look. LOL

mer said...

You are so funny...

And in the post below, I had to do a double-take because those scarecrows in the photo make it look like you have more children than you actuallyl do.

Can I link to your blog from mine? I currently have you bookmarked...but if you're okay, I'd with it I'd like to add you to my blogroll!


Cristina said...

I understand. Last night I saw a dead fly in my freezer and I just left it there under the pull out drawer of ice packs. Gross I know! Did I tell I hung out with Trish a couple weeks ago at my sister-in-laws house? We aren't coming for homecoming but Tomy is on homecoming court! Are you going to anything? We will be in Texas.