Saturday, October 18, 2008

A shameless plug

Alright, I have to plug my dear sister-in-law's new Etsy shop. If you've never visited Etsy, your missing out. Everything for sale has to be hand crafted. It is so fun to browse. I love hand made things, and was not given the creative gene, so I really admire those who do.

Anyway, Tricia is super talented and I was actually recently on the receiving end of her talent. She made me this adorable apron for my birthday. She has one that is the same style for sale so check it out quick before its gone.

She'd appreciate it if you'd stop by her shop and browse - and of course, buy something!!

1 comment:

Cristina said...

I LOVE the apron. I love to collect them...I know that might be weird. But this is one of the cutest ones I have seen.