Monday, October 27, 2008

It is out of control

So everyone talks about the TV show "The Office". We have never gotten on "The Office" bandwagon. And would say to each other - that show looks so stupid. We would also say, why do people buy TV shows on DVD - that is so dumb.

Well, last weekend, when there was nothing to rent at the Red Box, we succumbed to watching "The Office season 1" on DVD, that we had borrowed from my brother.

We didn't go to bed until 1am that night. We watched the entire season. Then we called my brother the next day for season 2. For the next 10 days we have watched 3 episodes every night after we put the kids to bed. I am not exaggerating. Every. Night. I am suffering from some serious sleep deprivation.

On Saturday, we started season 3. Its our little thing now. We pop popcorn, and watch "The office" every night.

We had a babysitter on Saturday night to go to a birthday party - we couldn't wait to come home and watch "The Office". We were home by 9:00pm.

If you every wondered what marriage after 11 years is - this is it.

Thank you Chris and Lana for buying the DVDs of a TV show. We will no longer chastise you.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

How's that crow tastin'? LOL!!!

You know I'm teasing you, right?

I'm a huge fan of watching shows on dvd, but I'm too cheap to buy them. I rent them through

Now you need to get started on Lost, 24, and Gilmore Girls!

Anonymous said...

If you've worked in Cubeville - you can really appreciate this show. I didn't like it at first, neither did my husband - but after 2 episodes you find something that you can relate to based on our experiences in the work place. It makes me laugh so hard and I recall some of the things I've done to make cube life day in and day out a little more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Well, you did an really good job of acting like you were in no hurry for me to leave Sat. night.


Pink Happens said...

"thats what she said" (hehe!)

Dorynda said...

love love love the office! so glad you're on the bandwagon now! it's the ONLY show i keep up with these days. it only gets better!

Anonymous said...

That's the one show we watch together...I hated it the 1st time I saw it but then something just happens and they GETCHA!!!! I guess "Frazier" got kicked to the curb, huh? =)

Cristina said...

I have to admit that is where we are - it looks so dumb and I just don't get it. We have sat through one episode and I thought it was quite painful. Is there enlightenment to come?! :)

Karen said...

That sounds fun. Bryon is a huge 24 fan but it's just too intense for me. Maybe we'll try the Office.

Jill said...

season 3, disc 3: "traveling salesman" HILARIOUS!!! my favorite episode of all - hang on through season 4...they struggled with the writer's strike, but this season is back to the old office we all love!

Foot Propped Up said...

jake and i do the same thing every night with dvd seasons from netflix... we always stay up way to late and usually can't just watch one.... funny!

Kingdom Mama said...

Oh my gosh, my husband and I did that with LOST. I think we even stayed up ALL NIGHT once because *I* could not sleep w/o knowing what happened next!;)

I just found your blog today. It's great!