Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thrifty Gifty

First things first - we're home and with power. We only had to go 2 1/2 days without it. That was long enough for me (and my parents, I'm sure), but there are still many who aren't as lucky.

I admit, my expectations of the Christmas tips blog have been all but a lot of things in my head. So I'm going to crank it up now for the next 13 days. A tip a day. So here goes.

Who doesn't love Hobby Lobby???? Well, if your Hobby Lobby isn't out of power due to an ice storm and you have some teacher gifts to buy and can only spend about $1.99 each, Their ornaments are half off this week. Who doesn't love a new ornament to put on their tree?? And you always remember who ornaments are given to you by, so you are thought of at least once a year. If your a crafty sort, buy a box of clear ornaments, grab some glue and glitter and create till your hearts content. Actually, you don't have to be crafty at all. Just able to write the numbers 2007 and your name in glue. So if your one of my children's MDO teachers, just forget you read this. And of course the sky's the limit. Check out the adoreable ornament my friend Cristina made (scroll to the bottom)! Yes, Matching ornament trees are very pretty, (my mom's can rival the best of the christmas open houses) but there's something about those ornaments that were given by someone else. And remember, wrapping is EVERYTHING!!

I must make a special thanks to my cyber friend Meredith who had some very entertaining blogs about all the ornaments she has on her tree and how each one is special. Thanks for the inspiration! Thats where I got my inspiration. When you can't create - copy.

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Cristina said...

Thanks for the shout out on my ornaments! Your kids would love making the santa cookies on my blog! They are so fun and easy. Let me know if you have questions about how to do it. Merry Christmas!