Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice storm 2007

Thats what the weather men are calling this one. "Ice storm of 2007". I remeber when we lived in this beautiful place called Colorado where the snow would drift quietly to the ground. It's like a dream now. The past 24 hours have included rain, sleet, and snow. And of course it makes a nice big city wide ice rink. Basically, my family of 5 is at my parents because we lost our power today around 9am - which translates to no heat. Its going to be one big slumber party tonight. We'll see how high strung grandpa Don does with my 3 children playing with their glass ornaments on their Christmas tree. So I will leave you with some photos of the big storm.


Anonymous said...

Ice is SCARY! We're expecting heavy snow tonight (6-9 inches!) and I'm praying for a snow day tomorrow. I'll take snow over ice any day.

We went to the North Pole today. Did you ever go there when you lived here?? So fun! I'm hoping to post some pictures tomorrow.

Stay warm and safe. So thankful you have a warm place to stay tonight!


BlessedMomX2 said...

The pictures are beautiful...but I believed you, you didn't have to send it our way. This morning my girlfriends parked car slid down her driveway (by itself) and onto the street. When she went out she found it in the street! Good Times! Stay warm and safe!

Tricia said...

Hope your slumber party was a success and that you can go home SOON!! Wish we were together to drink a cup of hot chocolate together and watch a chic flick!!

Cristina said...

Tomy told how me how bad it was and we saw it on the news. I do not miss the midwest ice storms! The snow here is beautiful! We got a snow! Emma is waiting to go sledding.