Monday, January 18, 2010


Yeah. Its Monday. And I can SO tell. Woke up this morning to Rene' wanting to get in our bed. So sleepily, I let her. Then 2 min later I realize she's wet. Nice. Potty training with Rene' has not gone well. So I get her up, put dry clothes on her and tell her she has to go back to bed because my bed is wet. I lay her in her bed, that is not just wet, its soaked. I get her back up and take her back to our room and put her in bed with dad and whisper that her bed is wet so she's going to sleep with him. (Still in a whisper), oh and btw, don't roll over to my side of the bed because its wet too. Andy shot up, clearly mad, ranting and raving about the potty training issue, steps on her wet clothes in the dark bathroom (whoopsie, forgot to take those to the laundry room). So now, he's really mad. After finally settling him down and settling him in on the couch, I finish getting ready and head off to work.

Enter work, where first thing I have 3 emails from the Auditors needing information from me, a looming deadline today that is not going to be met, for reasons beyond my control, and a person I am needing to avoid.



Cristina said...

Hope your day improves. Look on the bright side....tomorrow is Tuesday. ☺

Jewel said...

Your blog never fails to make me snort and giggle. So, so funny.